Bonyan’s founding committee began to operate in 1973. Concurrent with the nationwide development activities across Iran since 1979, Bonyan has been engaged in several relevant construction fields including high-rise buildings, and the services were provided by a team of consultants.

BCE has been qualified by the Iranian Management and Planning Organization (MPO) in a number of fields including second-class specialty in residential, commercial, office, industrial and military buildings and third-degree specialty in educational, sports, healthcare and medical buildings. The company has also earned a work permit in architecture, mechanical facilities, power plants and supervision. Moreover, BCE is a member at the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers and Iran Construction Engineering Organization.

Over four decades of continuous involvement in the construction industry, BCE has been successfully providing a variety of consulting services (design and supervision) to hundreds of private and public projects, especially high-rise buildings and more than 3000 residential units. The majority of BCE projects have been accomplished and brought into operational phase, while there have been a number of projects completed through BCE’s combination of design, supervision and construction consulting services.