In today's world, communication and exchange of thoughts, ideas, knowledge and information have become indispensable human needs. The increasing expansion of the Web can be associated with that very vital need, since the human societies without access to the Internet will face serious communication and information problems.
The BCE Specialists Club has been established based on the needs of today's professionals, experts and specialists in architecture, structural engineering, civil, electrical, mechanical, engineering, cartography and other disciplines. This website can provide a communication platform for engineers in Iran and the world to exchange information, technical knowledge and latest engineering research findings.
Additional objectives of Specialists Club include the assessment of current resources and capabilities to be matched with the needs of the professionals’ community. At the lowest cost possible, this website can provide the applicants with engineering services, enhancing the productivity and efficiency at community level.
It is hoped that this department can promote ideas and culture of engineering and set the ground for the growth and prosperity of Iranian specialists around the world.